October 22, 2010

Rocking on the WAVES….

ViVa La ViDa ?

Oh yeah! Live the life, isn't that the Coldplay song/album ? No, it no longer reminds me of that album. It reminds me of those precious hours that i spent at the BITS-Pilani Goa Campus (i find 'BPGC' as chic!) for their annual college fiesta, WAVES. For me, it was more of a TSUNAMI (as the chief guest rightly puts it!) if not for the fun, then surely for the 'exposure and experience' that the two days knocked into meSarcastic smile!
Firstly for all those who have landed to read this, I am 16, studying in the XIth and also an aspiring physicist (i barely get that spelling right). And I just found my heaven (or maybe wherever it's library is situated). Well, take this from me, bunking college and school simultaneously isn't a great idea, not even if you belong to the bloodline of the Einsteins and the NewtonsAlien! But, life is all about experiences, unearthing the razzmatazz and oh boy, I leave behind no nook or cranny! So what follows is a brief sketch of my voyage on the WAVES.
  I have heard about it, thought and dreamt about it, occasionally gazed listlessly at the sexy website and perhaps even drooled over the prospect of being at BITS and lo, there was the opportunityIn love! I was hooked on to the idea of  giving it a go right from the big bang itself!So when I heard about the quizzes to be held from my fellow SEQCians, my brain was already put to work ascertaining my schedule for those days, with the fear of the terminals, a hair breath close, I wouldn’t care lessPunch! And so I did land up, at BITS after lotsa convincing to get some mateys along.
Map picture
   The moment I walked in on the 1st day, I realised that the fear of terrorists in this area is not a worry as even dogs are not allowed the campus without proper ‘identification’.  This was after-all, India’s top most ranked private engineering institute. Although all that I got to feel for the 4 hours I was there on the 1st day was the ear-numbing roar of the giant birds (read aeroplanes) and the SpEnt Quiz, a collage of wisdom on the most anticipated flavour of quizzingHot smile.
  The feeling that one gets when he walks onto the laws of such an institute of international repute cannot be typed downBe right back! If nothing else, it did give me a fair sense of the intellectual level of the students who are pursuing their studies over there. And yes, it also told me what I have to be, what level I should rest my bottom comfortably upon so as to get into such a rocking placeThumbs up!! Motivation, yes that was one of the main reason I had decided to walk through the gates, after-all, there is no better way of getting my lazy cerebrum to work then to provide, or tempt it I should say turn into a geekaholicSurprised smile!
  Enough of the dose, lets move onto the event itself! Well getting to the campus itself was an adventure in itself. Having no visual clue or assistance by Google made getting there in time even more challengingGreen with envy! Yeah, as usual we got lost but made it in time! The campus as I found out, was no less of a Bhool-Bhulayya! Getting there was one thing, searching for a lecture theatre inside it was another daunting task! Fortunately, I met one of my old friends Mihir Umarye who was kind enough to point the way. Unfortunately, the event was muc
h more than the quiz I had come to witness. Unfortunately because the clock was ticking, We had only 4 hours to decayWilted rose. All that we could see, except the quiz by Shridhar was the Animusic show. And at the site of the IITians playing an awesome rock piece, realisation drew upon me fast, well all those who got in there were no the uber-geek-bookies as I had assumed that they would beSmile with tongue out! Prejudice sucks, I know.

Speaking of the quiz itself, it turned out out to be a
good one, good enough for a college event like this! And yes, there was the usual SEQC bal-sena, who proved that age is just another number, at-least when it comes to the passed on audience questionsRolling on the floor laughing!  Right form the James Bond-wala theme to the CWG venues, we had it all! And yes, all this at the price of a few older college going jaws that dropped down… With Ajachi and his mates bagging the quiz, that was the end of the day one for us.
  Another day passed by and I made a few people who didn’t come pretty much jealousAngry smile, so much so that a few of them promised to come the next day!
Ahem. Day 3! Me, and a new gang of people. And these contained a few specimens from Aryaans, the I-don’t-go-there IIT coaching institute, who once reluctant to bunk hammered their foreheads for even thinking of going back early! They stayed on, and yeah we rocked! We dropped the idea of a ‘hot-chick’ count as we would very soon loose track of the numberWinking smile.
The main dome, which was no less then a hotel lobby from the inside saw a cry of collective amusement and a few people vowed to drop their dreams of becoming doctors and settling down for biological sciences just for the sake of this view every day after the next few yearsSurprised smile.
  What started out as a walk on the lawn, turned out to be an amazing cum crazy experience. Amazing for the fact that this campus has a fully stocked monginis of their own, and for the MOST AMAZING LIBRARY I’ve ever seen till dateSurprised smile!! With over 28,000 books, Wi-Fi connectivity, videshi journals and with a floor area of more than 50,000 sq. ft. this place charmed all of us. A chapter in our books translated into shelves of books in here! Out of the world, atleast for a Goan like me!! I say, put me in here for a fortnight and I will crack the JEE with the fundas! (BTW, I’m planning an aerial heist on  double floored  building  one day, any volunteers?Ninja)
  From collecting a bunch of rupee coins to throwing darts, we did it all.
But the funniest part was at the ‘Funspeak’ event. Its better not mention the ‘funnier’ things that were said there for the benefit of your jealousy! Salaam for the creative-smartass attitude that these people have acquiredOpen-mouthed smile! From there, we did a tour covering many events; the Nukkad-nataks and the Step-Up finals. Due to my hazy memory or b‘coz of the fact that I’m answering my French terminals tomorrow, I can’t remember the details. But in what is tauted to be the largest college auditorium in India, I got a little groovy with a heady dose of Indian RockPunk.
  Then, to top it all off, there was Rajiv’s Open Quiz. Well, there is no need to write anything down regarding this, because it is an axiom that his quizzes are not to be missed at any cost. Well this one got a bit bouncer-ish, but was well countered by a team comprising of India’s Top 10 quizzers who had flown in specially for this eventPointing up. And that was the end (apart from the snickers that we managed to squeeze out from the organisers). Apart from the rain that chased us out, we went home with a smile on our usually dull faces (we also got the satisfaction of perfect accounting of costs for the trip)!
WAVES, you left quite an impression on me! They say to get something, To be somewhere, one has to forget it for a while…Thus to be with you for a part of my future, I might give you a miss the next yearBroken heart!

Well, Sayonara… I wrote this coz I felt like writing it, now gotta gobble up some Fran├žaise or else Meri nayya doob jayegiCrying face!! Hope you all liked it!
(P.S.- to all those who didn’t come, you may cry in hellVampire bat)
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