August 23, 2010


[k-wiz] (noun), plural quiz·zes,
verb:- quizzed, quiz·zing
-1 Life, Birthright, Gyaan Ki Pyaas
-2 Go, Press the buzzer, tear apart, win & avoid the persistant demand for treats that follow.

This is my defination of school level quizzing.
Yes, last year was a rocking year for me in terms of quizzing (All thanks to the SEQC gang for the whole new level!). I was going all guns blazing for the bull run, until, I tasted dust, the kind of dust you get when fall flat on your face, not only once, but twice in a single week!! Comparing it to those days when I had notched two victories in week with my pals, I had come a full circle. Lessons were learnt. A few of them are to follow in this post.

For me, Quzzing is not only about winning, Its about reaping the efforts that I have put in since my childhood. And if it not so, It means I gotta pump in some for Oxygen and water into my life. Its all about experiences on the journey that I undertake. And the best lessons and experiences (The badder the better!) have been during the handfull of defeats. Read on!

I dunno where to start considering I have lots to tell. OK, let me take a stand, my luck sucks this year (may be this is what they call compensation!).

I started off by dethroned from the title of Limca Book of Records Quiz on the tiebreaker (a no-brainer edition this year,as others would agree). If that was not enough, the morning news read "Mushtifund High School comes 2nd". I was totally pissed of! I would take any insults at Mushti Higher Secondary, but no, not the ones at Mushtifund High School, because I had earned its reputation i n quizzing with my dedication, the others were really determined to raise the bar higher, I can face defeat with respect, but I wont let my school take it for any arbitrary reason!!

The time passed and the defeat eased off. The next competitive quiz came knocking on Independence Day, an SEQC treat! It was also the anniversary of the only defeat last year; A quiz which I & Suyash had to locate while walking on rail tracks and ended up getting kicked out as we made a spelling mistake (F-T-W.isn't it?). All that we ended up was a cartload of tiffins that were given out as audience prizes!
As all my usual QMs (i.e. QuizMates for me) were busy with their IIT-JEE classes, I had to team up with my self-proclaimed sis Anusha. We were quizzing for fun, we had ruled out ourselves from serious contention. Seeing JK & Ash(t)ray after months on the circuit felt heart-warming. Making up to the stage, we lost steam and messed up big time, its a thing I am not known for, but for everything there is a 1st stands valid! I really liked the way Shash & Rege carried forward the "Mushti-Tear Apart" policy that I am still fond of.Hats off to them for the show (takes a bow) and the teamwork shown! Watch out for them guys! Returning back, We ended up 5th with only 2 direct answers under our bag. Call it lack of Wilson's buzzers or Compensation of luck (i.e. receiving bad luck) we ended up knowing (almost) all that we didn't get a chance to answer. Annie's questions were brilliant as usual (take a bow again)!

Following some Medical-Superbug gyaan for Adish, I and Anu took to the Open preliminaries.
We managed to crack a few questions by our good luck this time, questions ranging from our 8th literature to the newspaper from the day before. The more you expect from Annie, the more better his quizzes keep on getting!! Cracking a few questions from the Open was a pleasure, and the joy of cracking one of the best connects I have seen was worth treasuring!! The IIQ, rightly titled the 'Incredible India Quiz' should have been AAQ instead. Can you guess what that expands to? Read on!!

(to be cont.....)
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