July 31, 2011

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    My mid-terms are done. It’s Sunday today! It’s a rainy Sunday today. It’s a rainy Sunday today with my mom shouting things at me while I write this stuff down! And yeah, I’m half an hour away from getting lost somewhere with my friends, thanks to a late riser (he usually is the person who wakes me up!) I’m here, just troubling my already beaten-up keyboard!

  Sorry for the repetition used above, that’s cause I’m used to beating around the bush while writing answers I’m not sure off! But I swear that it’s far better than sentences like ‘Froth stabilizers are used to stabilize the froth’ or ‘There is a difference of age between younger and older rocks’ to quote a few of the, I-don’t-know-what-to-call-such-junk lines that we have in our textbooks and notes given by teachers! Phew. No one can stop cribbing post exams, can they?

   Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I kept my promise. I actually did sleep after coming home from the exam. Don’t we all make promises to ourselves, that we will redeem the sleepless nights with a good siesta after the exams? Alas, we fail to do so! But I’m yet to realize that this is just the first of the many important exams lined up, and it didn’t go off as well as I had expected it to! But still, ki farak penda?  There is time to perform.

   Over the past few days, I’ve fallen in love with science all over again! Another question that came to my mind, is it that one should be good at what he loves? or is it that one IS good at what le loves? Figure out, and let me know please! Recently, I’ve joined this physics site and it’s been an awesome journey out there ever since! And yeah. It’s landed a good kick to my ego, well deserved too! Once you are used to being kind off on the top of your playing field, you tend to saturate your talent and turn into a once-champion-sumo-wrestler-but-now-really-overweight-man! And yeah, when you see people younger than you, in any field that might concern you, the reader, don’t you feel the pinch? When you are left clueless, when it’s time to realise that there is some ground to make up, I guess that’s the turning point! A well needed kick of motivation!

   I’ve seen a 12 year old guy teaching integral calculus on YouTube, he was mildly autistic. We are such being that if one part of us is under-developed, Mother Nature sees to it that it makes up for that loss with something else, which can make you truly stand out! Look at Stephan Hawking for example! I’ve recently read his biography, and observed that he was intelligent, but not as stunning as the so called ‘child-geniuses’ at his age! He had his fair share of craziness in his youth, but when he was actually paralysed  with ALS, his brain and mind knew no bounds! Is it that when he was relieved of all his daily chores that he could concentrate and expand the horizons of his thinking? At one point of time, he couldn’t write down, so he took to the task of memorizing accurately humungous mathematical equations! And yeah, he is today, the world’s most popular living mathematician, or physicist, whatever you want to call him!

  Ahh. This brings me to the topic of religion. I echo Hawking’s views. Many do! And many others do feel that I’m immature to know and talk about religion. Well, I’m pretty much sure that to realise such philosophical things, one doesn’t need age, but wisdom. Wisdom comes with age, agreed! But is it something like death? That is inevitable? Does wisdom come to ALL? I doubt that! I was pretty much averse to idol worship since long. And now, I believe that mathematics is the language of universe! it speaks to us via mathematics! One day, I presume we will be able to predict anything and everything that takes place in this universe of ours. That’s my belief! 

   Now and then, people ask me, what about life? Will you be able to predict how humans behave using the equations that I am talking about? Now, I wouldn’t like to make tall claims and face the ire of fanatics out there. Theoretically, it will be possible, if given enough computational power. But if we do it, I will be shocked. We will be what Naseruddin Shah thought he would be in Krrish. We would be ‘God’.  And you gotta believe in this, if you can make yourself believe that a baba in saffron can conjure gold rings, rolex watches and stuff from thin air! Don’t mess around with the conservation of mass and energy, buddy!

    Talking about human emotions, it’s one thing that I’m still learning. We all are, aren’t we? Whether it’s your love or your friends, pangs of jealousy or a scream of thrill! Be it mouth-watering pickle or yuck tambdi bhaaji, we have to taste everything in life! Our set of experiences define us! Yet, some questions remain unanswered! Is trust the only thing in friendship? Do you need a reason to love some-one? Or the most prized one. Why the hell are girls so conscious about their weight?? 314429617

  Till you ponder over these questions, I take your leave with this photo! FYI, my alter-ego is named thebiggerbang.


   EDIT : Here is a collage of photos, of the very same hike that me and my friends indulged in. Courtesy blanknoiz

July 7, 2011


The song plays, I don’t understand a word of it.
Yet, I dance.
Yet, I dance. In a deep trance.
To the melody of my life,
My heavy breath, the beat.

I’m not a bat in the dark,
Just another baffled mind and soul.
Yet I seek.
Yet I seek the truth. In the pitch dark.
Search for the gospel truth,
It’s the key to the mystery.

The heavens pour down upon me.
Why can’t they part?  Let the sun shine!
Yet, I wait.
Yet I wait. Hope flickering like candlelight.
Just to see the light, once again!

It’s an illusion, they say to me.
I refused to believe. No mist in here!
Alas, only a lashing of feelings.
Maybe, that’s why they call it an illusion.
It’s just hard to believe.

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